Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life With 21st Century Shamanism

Be Propelled into Your Becoming with the Inka Medicine Wheelfeather

  • Looking for purpose or direction in your life?
  • Has modern medicine failed you?
  • Tired? Depressed? Stuck? Never Satisfied?
  • Are you choosing the life you really want?

Join Dr. Jeffre TallTrees for a presentation and discussion about the use of the Inka Medicine Wheel for healing. Learn ways to achieve wholeness of mind, body and spirit, using shamanic interventions from the Andes.

ceremony-circleWe are all dreaming our world into being, whether we know it or not. The shaman dreams the world she wants into being. When you consciously dream, after clearing the sludge in your energy field, magic happens. Learn how to use the ancient concept of Ayni, reciprocity, from the sacred mountains in Peru, to turn your life in a new direction. Live according to what means the most to you. It’s never too late.

Shamanism has been used for effective healing for thousands of years. Dr. TallTrees has integrated the best from the ancient traditions as well as the modern psychology and science, creating powerful practices that we can all benefit from: spiritually, physically and emotionally. Stop being shackled by your past and realize your destiny.

Next Workshop:

April 10, 2014
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Tahoe-Donner Clubhouse
in Truckee, CA

Dr. Jeffre TallTreesDr. Jeffre TallTrees is an energy healer, shaman, paqo of the Q’ero tradition of the Andes. As a psychologist and former nurse, she brings a holistic point of view to her work and has assisted in bringing the essence of the shamanic perspective/practice into the 21st century. She makes her home in Truckee, CA.

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