Embrace Your Crone

A Shamanic Rite of Passage for Women:

Embrace Your Crone With Confidence and Gusto!

Embrace Your CroneAn Initiation is a ceremony to mark the beginning of a new stage of development in life. Integrating your Crone and accepting the power and grace of this stage of life, is such an Initiation. Leaving the mother/do-er archetype, are you prepared or this grand transition to honored elder?

In this youth oriented society, which dismisses older women to the realms of unimportance, invisibility, and worthlessness, this transition can be painful and confusing. From thousands of years of experience, shamans know that rites of passage must be executed through ceremony. You can’t do it in your head.

This workshop will assist you in feeling your own confidence while assuming the encompassing role of matriarch, in your family, your community and the world.

Aging, regardless of history, is an Heroic Journey to find your path to wholeness. It takes courage, consciousness and a good sense of humor. Being whole is knowing yourself and loving yourself. Your time has come.

In a supportive, caring, and joyful environment, we will explore self image and self love, physical changes, sexuality and relationship. We will journey to find or improve your relationship with your spirit guides, participate in ceremony and inner exploration. And Have FUN.

Participate in the energetic transformation that takes place with the practices of the 21st century shaman. Shamans believe we dream our world into being. Why not dream this third act of your life the way you want it.

We will dance in the fire of life and step into our personal power, while joining the council of wise feminine elders who are now, holding a seat for you.

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Dr. Jeffre TallTreesDr. Jeffre TallTrees is an energy healer/shaman/paqo of the Q’ero tradition of the Andes. As a psychologist and former nurse, she brings a holistic point of view to her work and has assisted in bringing the essence of the shamanic perspective/practice into the 21st century. She makes her home in Truckee, CA.