Transform Your Life With 21st Century Shamanism

Be Propelled into Your Becoming with the Inka Medicine Wheel

Join Dr. Jeffre TallTrees for a free presentation and discussion about the use of the Inka Medicine Wheel for healing: ways to achieve wholeness of mind and body, using shamanic interventions.

Embrace Your Crone! A Shamanic Rite of Passage for Women

Embrace Your Crone

Embrace Your Crone With Confidence and Gusto!

This workshop will assist you in feeling your own confidence while assuming the encompassing role of matriarch, in your family, your community and the world.

Live Your Destiny! Journey Around the Inka Medicine Wheel

Choose Your Own Life With 21st Century Shamanism

The Medicine Wheel is not just an anthropological curiosity or a simple circle of stones, it is a map to the rediscovery of our personal and planetary soul. In this deeply intensive workshop, we will redefine our beingness and lose the need for enemies.