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What Is A Mesa?

My path is called the Sacred Rainbow Mesa.

MesaThe word, mesa, is a Spanish word meaning table or altar. My Mesa is my portable altar which is an energetic and physical representation of me and my healing journey. I take it with me where ever I go. It is also my tool with which I do energy medicine work.

In my Mesa are 13 empowered stones, 12 representing the solar calendar and the 13 representing the lunar calendar. The 12 stones are stones I have used during my four medicine wheel classes, 3 stones for each direction. Each class represents a direction. I have used these stones while working on myself as well as working with others. Having gone all around the medicine wheel I now have the 12 kuyas, the Quechua word for empowered stone.

During the North direction class, I was gifted a lineage stone from my teacher, Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. This lineage stone represents my stepping into the sacred council of teachers and healers and sage ones that we, the Q’ero call the Laika. This lineage stone (kuya) holds the energy of the Laika.

MythMesaThe Laika are those ancient souls who discovered the magic and power of the energetic world and used their arts to heal, to find game and to over see the sacred great rites of passage. There are many Laika in the spirit world and there are many in the physical world today. When we work, we call on them to aid us and our clients in the work the client has chosen to do. They provide support and wisdom, new insights and interventions.

When I do a healing session with someone I always open Sacred Space. A client then picks a stone from my Mesa and we use that stone (kuya) for the practice chosen whether it is soul retrieval, extraction, rites of passage and of course, the Illumination, our foundational practice. My Mesa is a source of focus and power which can be used by me and/or my client.

My Mesa also gives me support for my own continued healing journey. If I’m working on something specific, I often write a note naming the issue and then I place it in my Mesa. I feel and believe that my kuyas can help me manifest the solution and the ongoing learnings necessary. It’s truly powerful. I have seen it work in my own life.

Sometimes when shamans get together we place the Mesas close together, touching. The energy generated is truly amazing and can be used for powerful healing. We call this Mesa Mastay. This can be used for any kind of healing.

Our Mesas enjoy good red wine, candy, seeds, nuts and pretty sparkly things. We feed the Mesa regularly, including spraying scented water at times.