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MesasTouchingQ’ero means, keeper of the key. This group of Indians and paqos (shamans/mystics) have held the Inka spiritual tradition alive since the Spanish conquest 500 years ago. At that time, to avoid being killed, fled into the Andes and lived in small villages at 15,000 ft. for the next 500 years. Although it was known they were high in the mountains, the Spaniards never found them.

In 1950, two major events happened in the Andes of Peru: A powerful (9 pt) earthquake devastated most of the buildings in Cuzco Peru. When walls fell down, the ancient Inka stone walls were revealed, intact. With increased worldwide travel, the ruins of the Andes became a tourist destination.

andes-mountains-snow-and-mist-peruMost important was an event of a spiritual nature. For the first time, the Inka priests, came down from their home among the Apus (sacred mountains) came to a sacred festival and publicly announced they were no longer isolating themselves. They were reverently received as the highest of the Andean priests.

The Q’ero’s teachings are fundamental to Dr. TallTrees work. The Q’ero paqos are masters of all that is living, the energies of life, underscoring their belief that we are truly one.

Humans and non-humans as well, are energetic beings. Our energy is always engaging other energies. We use our energy field, mostly unconsciously, to read others energy and leads to the knowing of multiple layers of understanding and the remembering of our physical, mental/emotional and energetic bodies.

The priests of the Q’ero are called Paqos. While some are more like traditional healers using plant medicines, others work totally with energy to heal and to help others become whole. All paqos are masters of making very special offerings to the Pachamama, the Sea (Mamacocha) and to the Apus, the sacred mountain beings called Despachos.

One of their sayings is dear to my heart:

“We take our work very seriously, but ourselves, not so much.”

What the Q’ero and Dr. TallTrees offer is not a spiritual path, but a path of direct knowledge and power. It is a path of love and joy and feeling the energies of the planet and honored those energies. When you are living in Ayni, balance and reciprocity, you are living in health and happiness, fully living in harmony with All That Is. There is no more separation.

Quoting a beloved Q’ero Paqo, Don Augustin…

Be Happy, Be Happy, Be Happy!