Healing Practices
Shamanic Healing Practices


The chakra that is most impacted by trauma or issue is identified and cleared. Then, the chakra is illuminated and the imprint healed with pure, essential energy. This is the foundational practice and is included in every session.


Crystallized energy that has become embedded in the Luminous Energy Field, through repetitive trauma or dysfunctional beliefs, is removed. Extraction can also include removal of intrusive energies or entities that have become stuck or lost through trauma, fear or affinity.

SoulRetrievalSoul Retrieval

The shaman journeys to discover the original source of a wound and the agreement made, on a soul level, in response to that wound or trauma. This process often involves deciding to change the inner agreement and retrieving the soul part that retreated when the original wounding occurred.

Destiny RetreivalDestiny Retrieval

Perhaps you’ve done a lot of healing work and are ready to shift from an existence where your past informs your present. Destiny Retrieval puts you in a new position, where your self and your choices are informed by the future you, i.e. your destiny, rather than the past you. When you are able to tap into the energy of the future you, the possibilities become limitless.


To learn more one of my most powerful tools that I use in my healing work, click to read What Is a Mesa.”

Special Offerings

Death Rites

In our modern world, death is feared and rarely talked about. In our tradition, I offer a process that eases this important transition and assists in making death a conscious event. I can also teach you how to ease the process of dying for a loved one, if needed.

Counseling/divination/energy cleansing/life readings

Using the Tarot, throwing stones or other divination methods, the client and I discern issues or obstacles, and gain clarity about what needs to be worked on and where the client wants to go with the work. Much depends upon openness and willingness to ask, listen and grow.

Mentoring and Classes

To those seeking to immerse themselves in shamanic work, i.e. energy medicine for either their own healing or for learning the ways of the shaman for healing others, I offer training in the Inka Medicine Wheel. This is an eighteen month commitment to personal healing through rituals, ceremonies and practices from the shamans of Peru and the Four Winds Society.

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