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Why Is Shamanism Also Known As Energy Medicine?

FeathersofPowerAncient teachings suggest that our physical bodies are surrounded by a Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that records every thought, word and deed directed at or generated by us. These records are the source of every condition you have ever had or ever will have. Like bruises that are hit over and over, traumas can leave deep imprints in our LEF. These imprints, when triggered by seemingly unrelated events, can cause us to relive old hurts or respond to situations or relationships in predictable, if unhealthy, patterns and emotional challenges that are difficult to break or overcome. Physical conditions are the result of these imprints or shadows in the LEF.

Shamanic healing (energy medicine) and shamanism in general, has been adapting to change over tens of thousands of years, and is just as relevant to issues we face today as it was to the needs of our ancestors. Whatever age or culture we belong to, we still experience the pressures of life and living:

  • We try to cope with difficult or unexpected failures or losses.
  • We experience conflict between who we truly are and who it seems easier to pretend to be.
  • We struggle with doubts and insecurities, never really understanding why they hold such power over us or learning how to let them go.
  • We find ourselves behaving in non-productive ways leading to health and relationship problems and we don’t seem to be able to stop them.

Healing with Energy Medicine

SoulRetrievalEnergy medicine work has a special, nurturing regard for the soul. Some shocks, like an accident, the loss of a relationship, the experience of cruelty, or ongoing emotional or sexual abuse can diminish soul energy force and leave us feeling lost and powerless.

These intrusions and losses to our life force energy can create imbalances that manifest in various ways; such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression, excessive emotion (anger, fear), accident proneness, physical symptoms or life threatening conditions and addictions.

Shamanic healing works at the energetic level to clear the imprints (energetic blueprints) left by trauma. It creates balance by restoring essential energy, and repairing injuries to our LEF. The chakras are cleaned and many ancient and modern techniques are used to achieve the restoration of life force energy as well as strengthening of the immune system. When we clear at the energetic level, we’re laying the foundation for change at the emotional and physical level.

Transform Your Life

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